Liquidamber styraciflua, sweet gum


A great tree for summer shade that can tolerate wet sites better than most deciduous trees. This tree is broadly conical in shape.


  • Does well in sands and deep soils
  • withstands drought well
  • is wind firm
  • new leaves show good lime, green colour in spring
  • leaf shape is like that of a maple, but alternately attached to corky shoots
  • tolerates smog
  • good to excellent autumn colour
  • a choice feature for ornamental values if you have space

Tree shape

Broadly pyramidal

Mature size

Giant 20m+

Growth rate



Shade, carbon store, ornamental, autumn foliage, avenues, feature

Soil type

All soils, good in loamy sands


Moderate to drought hardy


Maple-like, alternate, yellow-reds-purples in autumn


E. North America