Acer negundo, Sensation

This colourful, smaller form of box elder maple, will grow in drier climates and poorer soils than most other maples.

The advantages of this cultivar are:

  • is a sterile male form so doesn't have the copious seed fall that the species produces
  • excellent leaf colour in season and in autumn
  • the small leaves shrivel to nothing once they fall
  • grow to only about 7-9m so can fit in small gardens
  • tolerates wet and dry soils
  • a good shade tree
  • a great choice for group plantings or avenues

Tree shape

Upright, somewhat pyramidal

Mature size

Small 4-8m

Growth rate



Feature ornamental, colour, shade, versatility

Soil type

Tolerate most soils types


Moderate to drought hardy


Compound, 3-7 leaflets


North America