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“How do air-pruned trees work”?

Step 1: Planting in a Container

When you plant a tree in a container, such as a pot, its roots usually grow in circles as they reach the edge of the container. This is because they encounter the hard surface of the pot, which prevents them from growing outward.

Step 2: Root Tip Drying

With air-pruning, the container is specially designed with small holes or slits near the edges. As the tree’s roots grow towards these holes, they are exposed to air. This exposure causes the tips of the roots to dry out and callous.

Step 3: New Root Growth

When the tips of the roots callous off due to air exposure, the tree responds by producing new roots from further back along the root system. These new roots also travel to a hole in the nipple of the air prune pot. As this process is repeated, more and more roots fill in the nipples as they branch out in search of water and nutrients, creating a denser, well-structured root system with dozens of root tips facing outward like a root system of a tree growing naturally in the ground.

Step 4: Healthier Tree

Furthermore, as the tree’s root system becomes more robust and extensive, it can better absorb water and nutrients from the soil. This results in a healthier, more vigorous tree that is less likely to suffer from transplant shock when it’s eventually planted. Air-pruning helps prevent windfall that can occur from traditional containers and promotes better transplant survival and long-term tree health.

In summary, air-pruned trees work by encouraging the natural process of roots responding to air exposure. This promotes the development of a healthier and more efficient root system, which benefits the tree’s overall growth and vitality.

Why our air-pruned trees and plants are the best?

“Our air-pruned trees and plants stand out as the best because they benefit from a unique growth process that enhances their overall health.

By encouraging root tip drying through our specialised containers, we foster the development of robust and fibrous root systems.

These healthier roots enable our trees and plants to absorb nutrients and water more efficiently, leading to vigorous growth.

With our air-pruning technique, we ensure that you’ll have the strongest and most resilient trees and plants in your garden!”

Nick Brown

Nick Brown

 Nick Brown directed Trentham Advanced Trees, a direct sale tree nursery, for ten years before moving to Melbourne in 2017.

In that role he and his teams completed dozens of garden installations. Also, Nick designed the gardens as well.

Since then he has worked for Lisa Ellis Gardens, a high-end design and install firm, before setting up his own business again.

 He has a propagation nursery as well as strong links in the garden trade in Victoria to source high quality plants.

Plants of Gonwanan origin and those of the beech family like oaks are his speciality.

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Nick really know his stuff about trees, plants and garden design. He did a great job on our garden, helping us with tree removal and pruning, plant selection and even trained us in how to look after our fruit trees. Highly recommended!
Suzie Brown
I ’m really appreciating the quality of the plants . They have been grown to maximise strength and vigour .
“Fantastic quality”
We are very happy with the size of the trees: not too large so you can order a whole pallet load, yet large enough to tough it out on our property. The stems are about 2cm thick.
“They are the best size for planting out”
We called Nick and he was happy to listen to us describe our property in detail and provide the appropriate species for out site.
“I couldn’t find these plants anywhere else!”