Woodland Trees

We sell direct to the public.

Phone: 0422 736 165

Address: Bentleigh East, Victoria.

Email: ancientnatives@gmail.com

Hours: by appointment

Delivery: Eastern States weekly

What We Do

Nothofagus alpina, a southern beech from South America

We propagate and grow deciduous, evergreen, rare and ancient trees and shrub species mainly from the Southern Hemisphere: Africa, New Zealand, Tasmania, South America and Australia. We also specialise in Quercus, or oaks from all over the world.

We have different sizes of pots, but focus on the 20cm RocketPot (8L) which air prunes the roots to prevent knotting and girdling. Trees are 1-2m tall.

Eucalyptus sideroxylon, rediron bark
Araucaria araucana, monkey puzzle tree

Moreover, we grow trees for farms, botanic gardens and large properties as well as suburban gardeners.

The old tree farm Trentham District 2010s

Why You’ll Love our plants

Because out plants are grown in air-prune pots in the nursery they establish really well.

  • root formation is sound
  • plants are of optimum size for the species
  • plants are selected for our climate and soils
  • these plants are long lived
  • the right tree provides shade and fire protection

Director Nick Brown at a garden just completed in Ashwood, Victoria.

“I couldn’t find these plants anywhere else!”

We called Nick and he was happy to listen to us describe our property in detail and provide the appropriate species for out site.


“They are the best size for planting out”

We are very happy with the size of the trees: not too large so you can order a whole pallet load, yet large enough to tough it out on our property. The stems are about 2cm thick.


“Fantastic quality”

I’m really appreciating the quality of the plants. They have been grown to maximise strength and vigour.



Our Favourite Trees and shrubs

Quercus suber, cork oak

This tree is perfect for dry, sand country with a mediterranean climate. Superb examples exist in the Bayside suburbs in Melbourne. Will tolerate rainfall down to around 350mm p.a., but will be a small tree only to around 5m in those locations.

Nothofagus alpina, Rauli beech

A sublime beech for cool, montane areas of NZ or SE Australia and Tasmania. A quick grower, this deciduous tree has lovely crenate, ribbed leaves. Be sure to choose a site sloping south or east on the margins of its range with rainfall at least 850mm p.a. or irrigation, and above 600m for SE Australia.